Modernization is a good trend in human development but the unfortunate thing about Modernization is its vast means of running into human head.

Modernization is a good trend in human development but the unfortunate thing about Modernization is its vast means of running into human head. It is a good thing we are in the modern and sophisticated world but it is dangerous we don’t have the control over the modern world we are. We are in the Modern world is the song we relentlessly sing day and night unconsciously losing our values to this so called modern trend.

If the world is losing its value to Modernization and wallowing in the pool posed by the modern trend alone I might say it’s a way of Life but what of ‘The So-called Mirror through which the world ought to be running a Test check ‘ what of the Church that ought to be the standard that everyone will be Living by and building on. The church of God as we claim now takes the lead like The Union President leading Aluta just to uphold the Modern.

I do not say it is bad but do we have the right Mind towards the use?

I do not say it is wrong but don’t we wrong others through the use?

I do not say it is a Sin but does it not cause us to go against our Maker?

I do not say it is a Devilish inventory but does it not bring the works of the devil our way?

Christians don’t spend time with the Word of God again but they can never do without spending time with their Mobile phone. Some Pastors even Preach with their I-Pads, I never say it is wrong but how many of the congregation holding the phones claiming to open their Bible are truly opening it, are they not doing something else when you are busy preaching?

This Modernization that the world is running after, is it not also what the church is running after today? Forgetting that the Bible says

‘Do not be equally yoked with unbelievers’

The world is running after making money to satisfy their worldly pleasures, the church is also turning True service to an Enterprise… The world is working day and night to gather wealth; the church is also skipping Sunday service for business appointments, forgetting

‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness’

Every other thing that should be a bonus on our investment is what we are dying to get.

We now because world song seems melodious blends the pattern of songs we sing in church and we think we are worshiping God? You will listen to some Christian songs and you will find it difficult to distinguish between Fuji and Praises… You tell them, they claim

‘In the presence of God, anything goes’

I pity you because you had long time ago forgotten that

‘The standard of God standeth sure’

And that ‘the Lord knows those who are his’ and he say ‘let those who are his depart from iniquity’

The church now because they want a rise in offering refuse to give the True message of the Cross, because people no longer want to hear the truth, we also keep the truth in our mouth claiming we are in a modern world and everybody is open to his own decision. You forgot that whoever knows how to do well and fails to do it is already in the shackles of sin… You knew it is right to Evangelize but because of how the world seems to be, you kept your message to you alone, you will surely give account one day.

What we now preach is Prosperity instead of Christ, what we preach is Breakthrough instead of Christ, what we preach is Miracle instead of Christ… You will surely give account one day.

No wonder the world no longer respect the church, since we are almost the same, how will they give honor. What is it that they do in the world that is not in the church?

  • Is it Politics? Is it Fornication? Is it Adultery? Is it Rituals? Is it worldly pleasures? Name it, you find them in the church.

No wonder we have many churches and the problem we have never reduce one bit, we have a lot of Churches but the world never gets better. A day of reckoning is coming.

I am not a Prophet of Doom but I perceive:

‘If nothing is done to bring us back to our feet, the nearest generation will subtract Bible from the Church and the Church will become a Social gathering’

Before it is too late, let’s come back to the knowledge of what we really stand for. Because it will be grievous if you claim you accept Christ and you think you are serving him, and you deny yourself some privileges for the sake of Christ, only to meet yourself receiving the same deadly reward with unbelievers because of your careless use of Modern tools… Know what you believe and stand for it till the end. God help Your Decision.

Written By: Joseph Ayo omoAbiola

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