“If Jesus did not die, every human being that dies is dying for his own sake and that death is not enough to bail for that person’s sins”.
This statement was made by VEN DR. DE I. U. IBEME Chaplain of the Chapel of Grace University Of Maiduguri immediately following the Good Friday service held at the Chapel of Grace, University of Maiduguri, during an exclusive interview with dmnews.
He emphases on the significance of christ resurrection for christains. how important it was that Jesus had died for mankind and the victory we now have through his resurrection as Christains.
“It was very important that Jesus died and also very important that we celebrate him”, he said. The reason of his death and the significance of his resurrection pictures our redemption; Christ as our only hope for existence and exemption from eternal condemnation and our glory afterwards.
He therefore concluded by praying that the eyes of our understading will be open so everyone will come to and serve him as we await the final easter, when we will be resurrected to dwell with him.

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