Virginity is a thing of joy and glory, especially for men that they met their wife as a virgin. Although we are the days where people do not actually celebrate it but I want you to know that there is dignity in it and we still have people that held it in high esteem.

Virginity is a thing of joy and glory, especially for men that they met their wife as a virgin. Although we are the days where people do not actually celebrate it but I want you to know that there is dignity in it and we still have people that held it in high esteem.

All men prefer and even pray to marry a virgin. Even “play-boys” disdain prostitutes for wives. They all want to marry “saints”. Hence keep yourself. Virginity is still fashionable. Even if it is not, prefer to be old -fashioned.

The essence of this article is to help ladies that really wants to keep their virginity but are treading the paths that may cause them to a victim can quickly retrace their steps.


Here are 13 signs that suggest a lady would soon lose her virginity

  1. When you don’t define your relationship and don’t have a boundary: Some ladies do say they don’t want illicit sex but they will only satisfy their partners with kissing, pecking e.t.c. Please note that kissing and pecking are not for sexual satisfaction but for sexual stimulation. The man you think you are satisfied with kissing; pecking and hugging will become aggressive after you might have allowed him to fondle you because he is highly stimulated and not satisfied. He can kill you to have his way. Hence DO NOT START WHAT YOU CAN NOT FINISH. Run away from kissing, pecking and fondling until you are married.
  2. Addicted to pornography or sex films: If all you do is to be watching porn either from your TV or you have already downloaded it on your phone you are writing a letter to this menace without notice.

A virgin who prides herself in seeing romantic movies may be making her subconscious think of sex in a wild way. Moreover, having a romantic partner who is touchy and expressive may hasten the process and make her want to have sex. Keeping wrong company: If all your friends are people that do not regard virginity, they talk less about it there is tendency you end up like them.

  1. Less emphasis: If you grow up in an environment where sex before marriage is preached daily, the thoughts of having sex may be pushed back each time they surface Read more:  Just like the previous points, when you are not hearing more about the importance of virginity, not seeing people that got rewards by keeping theirs, Just the way it was stated in this book “Pure Gold” that there are about 10 people that will greet you if you marry as a virgin. e..g Your husband, your children may ask you about it in the future, etc. You can get a copy to know all of them.
  2. You Don’t mind what you will lose – Those who persist in pre-marital sex usually experience abnormal changes in their bodies at certain times in their lives, which do affect their beauty. That is why many of them can not go out without make-ups and expensive cosmetics to cover up their deteriorating beauty. At 16, such girls look like old women. Among what you may lose is your vision, your joy, health, and self-esteem.
  3. You are not modest about your Dressing– All those dresses that expose parts of your laps, breasts, back, e.t.c. are not good for you. ALL THOSE “SEE – THROUGH” WILL ONLY BLOCK YOUR BREAKTHROUGH. If you put on those erotic wears that show your figures, you are inviting boys to come and defile you
  4. When visiting a guy at wrong time: Some ladies do visit their male friends at wrong time, apart from been dangerous, it’s not healthy for the relationship
  5. When visiting male friends at wrong places:Places really matter, they are some places you meet a male friend that can insinuate wrong moves. for example a lady was asking question in a program I attended that her fiancé normally asked her to meet him in the hotel for prayers and she was told it was very wrong not only it could lead to sin but it will not speak well of you in the presence of people that knows you.
  6. Boundary Breaker: It does not speak well of you when you go to a guys house or your fiancé places and go straight to his room, some girls that are not discipline will even lie down on the bed. It is not a sign that you are discipline
  7. Lack of managing your emotion: When you are a lady that can’t manage her emotion. Little things do arouse your anger you may fall victim in the hand of a man that can take it an advantage .against you.
  8. When you want to please your guy at all cost:Many ladies in the name of keeping their relationship may decide to use everything they have to ensure their relationship work out. So even the guy ask for sex they are ready to give him.
  9. You make guys you confidant: A guy should not be your closest friend. but many ladies indulge in this act because they believe guys normally keep secrets than ladies, Guys does not keep secrets but because the information did not come back to you does not mean your secrets is not in the town
  10. When you visit clubs and dancing halls:When it is your habit to visit clubs and dancing halls you may fall victim of being raped and eventually lost your virginity.
  11. Interest in contraceptives Contraceptives is common with people who have sex regularly without the intention of getting pregnant. When ladies who claim to be virgins start talking to doctors or pharmacists about pills and their effectiveness, they are probably about doing it. Why would you want to learn about contraceptive methods when you are not carrying out a research work on them.

  Culled From: Daily Family

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