Nigeria Not Safe For Christians: Where Do We Run To?

Prophet Isa El Buba And Apostle Johnson Suleman

The 1st January Benue State massacre has no doubt left everyone in shock and grieve over the loss of lives. The gruesome, well planned and coordinated unprovoked attack carried out by Fulani herdsmen carrying sophisticated weapons on the innocent and defenseless people of Benue state have put questions on the lips of most Nigerians as to whether the government of the day have the capacity and political will to protect her citizens irrespective of religion, ethnicity or political affiliations. The questions most Christians are asking and especially those in the northern region of the country is whether they are safe. Where do we run to? Who will come to our rescue?

The impunity perpetrated by the government has become a routine where murders, corrupt public office holders and terrorist walk the street of Nigeria free, with pride and in high self-esteem.

The recent shameful show of impunity is how Fulani herdsmen are still walking as freemen after the destructive and devastating effect they caused on the people of Benue state through the physically maiming and psychological traumatizing them with fear: an act which can only be perpetuated by devil incarnates.

Whereas clergies and other anointed men of God who condemn such act are being threaten and arrested by the DSS. Apostle Johnson Suleman and Prophet Isa El-buba are among the victims of this unlawful arrest. But, the God that watch over Jerusalem, the God of Suleman and the God of El-buba will surely fight their battle and ours as well. Amen.



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