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Will I Be Ready For Christ Second Coming?

It’s 2 days after Christmas but am still wondering if there was a prepared heart or a room for baby Jesus or whether he was left wrapped in clothe and lay in a manger; in the cold.

I am guilty of not preparing a room (my heart) for the baby; the Messiah because I know my heart was filled with thoughts, worries and expectations of how would he’s coming be.

Does He actually need my heart? Is my heart warm enough? Will there be space or does He have to share my heart with my thoughts, expectations and worries.

Because Christ need the simplest and less expensive thing from me, I find it hard to agree that all He need is for me to believe.

I used to think and boost that I would have done better than the people of Jesus’ time and would have prepared him a room since the prophets had prophesized his coming and have given signs but, least I know that my wealth of knowledge about the scripture, prophesies and doctrines could not help me.

Even in this contemporary society that is transformed by knowledge and information, where knowledge is power and information liberating. I seems to be lost in the depth of my knowledge. Oh what a vanity.

But, if Jesus was born as prophesized, He lives, was crucified, dead, buried but resurrected as prophesized and ascended into heaven; He promised to return as it is written in the scripture, will I be prepared for His return? Will I be ready for Christ second coming? These questions run through my mind last night but here is the GOOD NEWS.

Christ said “let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me… I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Oh! Who will save me?

Oh!! What a wretched man I am?

Oh!!! Yes Lord I believe.

Written By: Michael Bitrus

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