Overcoming Evil As A Child Of God

You can’t really stop evil people from carrying out their evil deeds. But you can overcome evil by doing the good, God-glorifying work that Christ has called you to do.

Jesus accepts you just as He finds you. Always. But He’s not satisfied with leaving you that way. Jesus did not only come to offer forgiveness.

One of my favorite passages of Scripture as a young Christian was 1 Peter 3:15 which reads,

Jesus said that we would all have trouble in this fallen world.

We were all born looking like our daddy or mama, But we will all die looking like our decisions…

You know better, or at least you think you do. Your head, your Christians friends, the things you recall from the Bible tell you that God is good, and that He is for you.

Do you dream about finding that “sweet spot” in your life and career where you’ll be energized, fulfilled and challenged?

There is a large and ever growing sentiment among many Christians, that we don’t need to make much mention of sin.

So you have learned to listen for God’s voice. You enter His presence often, quiet your soul, and anticipate hearing from Him.

The verdict appears mixed among the people I know of whether of not they make resolutions for a new year. And, I understand, many have tried before – it didn’t work – and so now they are like “why bother?”.

The past year has brought so much change in my life. Changes in my job, my ministry, my house, my location, my friends, my church and even something as basic as changes in my schedule. Change can be hard.

We communicate with the people we care about. There’s no relationship without communication. It’s the same with you and God.

The new year comes bearing gifts.

For some, it is the gift of relief – relief that the last year is over. For others, a new year brings hope – hope for the future and for a better year than the last.

How ALIVE Are You?
Are you tired of simply existing? Or are you really living, Fully Alive in body, mind, and soul?

t’s a 2 days after Christmas but am still wondering if there was a prepared heart or a room for baby Jesus or whether he was left wrapped in clothe and lay in a manger; in the cold.

Perhaps you’re too young to remember Elvis’s Blue Christmas, but you may find yourself fighting a serious case of the holiday blues this season.

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