How To Handle Conflict: According To David In The Bible

It’s the moment we all face.

You can’t really stop evil people from carrying out their evil deeds. But you can overcome evil by doing the good, God-glorifying work that Christ has called you to do.

Jesus accepts you just as He finds you. Always. But He’s not satisfied with leaving you that way. Jesus did not only come to offer forgiveness.

Here are 5 movies you should definitely be on the look out for in 2018:

“Is the Church ready for this? No, because they are not aware of it.” Many pastors are unfamiliar with virtual reality in general, unaware of Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift and the multi-billion-dollar industry around it (such as Oculus Rift being bought and developed by Facebook). In 2016, the Barna Group, in partnership with
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One of my favorite passages of Scripture as a young Christian was 1 Peter 3:15 which reads,

Jesus said that we would all have trouble in this fallen world.

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