SINACH Released A New Single – IN LOVE WITH YOU

Celebrated gospel music minister Sinach has released a new single titled In Love With You. We love him, because he first loved us -1 John 4:19

t’s a 2 days after Christmas but am still wondering if there was a prepared heart or a room for baby Jesus or whether he was left wrapped in clothe and lay in a manger; in the cold.

It’s Christmas and you are not here. How do you expect us to celebrate this year Christmas with tears gushing out of my eyes as we seat endlessly waiting and hoping that we will once again behold your glamorous face radiating like the sun rays beyond the horizon. For that is where the hearts of your
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Perhaps you’re too young to remember Elvis’s Blue Christmas, but you may find yourself fighting a serious case of the holiday blues this season.

We the members of DUNAMIC NEWS MEDIA  want to wish all our subscribers and audience from all over the world a very Blessed Christmas celebration.

As we live in this amusing and desperate world and continuously strive to meet our daily needs, we mingle and tangle with people from different walks of life having different shores of understanding on both the physical and spiritual realities of life. The Holy Bible made us understand that we are special people, a chosen
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Few of us, if any, come to Christmas unscathed. The busyness of family and church events, family drama, or wishing for a Hallmark Christmas that never happens can make celebration a struggle. It’s not that hard to understand Scrooge. What’s the point? What can Christmas do for you? Christmas is controversial. In our Western culture it’s
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RCA Inspiration continues to deliver an incredible year of inspiring artists and music, with top rankings for the label and artists spanning across 15 of Billboard’s 2017 Year-End Charts for Gospel, in addition to the magazine’s 2017 Year-End Charts for Songwriting, on Hot Gospel Songwriters with four artists on that chart.  RCA Inspiration topped both of the Billboard 2017 Year-End Gospel
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On Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, there was a significant spiritual shift in the universe as the US President Donald Trump reaffirmed and formally declared that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The 2017 GMA Dove Award winning popular Latin worship band Miel San Marcos release their tenth live album PENTECOSTÉS (Pentecost) from their historic recording at Madison Square Garden in New York.   The PENTECOSTÉS album boasts 17 epic songs that were part of the live concert recording lineup on September 2nd of this year in front of over fourteen thousand concert goers.
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It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding.

Virginity is a thing of joy and glory, especially for men that they met their wife as a virgin. Although we are the days where people do not actually celebrate it but I want you to know that there is dignity in it and we still have people that held it in high esteem.

It is an unimaginable scenario for all involved: a man run to his pastor in tears confessing his wife caught him touching her teenage sister in a sexual manner. He seems utterly confuse—until the pastor urges the man to call the child abuse hotline and self report.

Freedom is a metaphor used too often in Scripture for us to ignore. It’s not the only Biblical picture of what God does for us, but it helps us understand a great deal about redemption.

A former Muslim came to know Christ in the Muslim-dominant nation of Somalia, and he is now sharing the Gospel with his countrymen, leading others to Jesus.

It is now clear that if Christians do not organize to actively participate in Governance, the instrument of the State shall be used to progressively decimate the Church until Christianity is eventually “eradicated in all its forms and ramifications” in Nigeria.

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